Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sad sad news :(

CF has once again taken another life. Roshelle was 28 years old when she passed from complications due to CF at 7:30 am Wednesday, August 6th. I have been keeping up with her blogs on (her screen name was hairgirl for anyone interested in reading them) and the last one she wrote was on August 5th saying goodbye to us. She was having her bi-pap removed which was basically keeping her alive.

I am so sad and so heartbroken. Though I have been expecting to read this news for a couple days it does not make it any easier to hear. I guess a small part of me was hoping that she would last longer, that she would miraculously recover. But we all know that is not possible.

Breate Easy Ro! We will always remember you!

here is her blog if anyone is interested:


  1. I know this happens a lot, but it's like a fresh wound each time if you've crossed paths somehow. We gotta fight.