Thursday, August 14, 2008

Review today

Today went really well. I was supposed to have my review yesterday but my boss forgot about a meeting he had out of town so we postponed it for today at lunch. Worked out well because I was quite grumpy yesterday. So today we went to lunch at a pizza place. They had delicious food!!!! So yummy and B paid, yay!

The low down: They are super excited to have me back. I was complimented on my intuition and efficiency at getting things accomplished. They also like that I can bounce from one project to another and not skip a beat. It makes me very versatile and able to help out wherever it is needed. I mentioned how I would like to get involved more with our other interior designer so that she and I can do the ID work when it comes up. They both agreed that it is a great idea and told me to talk to her. She is working on coming up with a scope of work that the firm can offer as far as interior design services. We are going to be offering basic services and we want to highlight just what we can do in the office. So she and I are meeting next Tuesday to go over a bunch of stuff. And I may be getting moved back to her area so that we are working in the same cubby instead of on different sides of the office. It will be nice because everyone I work with is on the other side haha!!!

I did get a raise which would definitely help me move out on my own. However…I had a few ideas and it was discussed at my review as well. I mentioned that my DR would prefer me working part time. I also said that I wasn’t too keen on the idea but I was considering it. Both S and B said that they would rather have me working 3 days a week consistently than having me work 5 days a week and being out for a few weeks every so many months. It was also discussed about the possibility of getting a newer, licensed version of CAD on my home computer so I can work from home if the need arises. This is just a thought, not necessarily going to happen. But B did mention it so it is nice to see him willing to work with me. It was actually the highlight of the review. I definitely feel welcomed and needed which is great. I have no worries about them willing to work with me in the future. It is one weight that is lifted.

Now on to more that relates to all this. Last night I noticed that my sputum is once again getting darker. This means my PA is flaring up more, oh joy. I have only been back to work three weeks and it isn’t even cold/flu season yet. So last night, as I was lying in bed contemplating what to do with my future, I realized a few things. There is absolutely NO reason why I shouldn’t move in with my mom. Ok so I am worried about all their friends, and losing my independence, but if I continue to run myself into the ground it will be taken from me without my consent. At least now I still have some say in my health; I can “control” it so to speak. I am in the process of making a pro/con list so I can see exactly why I should suck it up and live at home again. Don’t get me wrong, I am a nervous wreck about moving back home and giving up some of my freedoms, but I also know that there will be plenty of positives that come along with it all. If Roshelle taught me anything it is that we can set our paths and control some things. Even if it is very small it may be worthwhile. Having the choice to work part time or full time, and taking part time is much more desirable than being forced to work part time.

So I guess that is it for now. Overall it was a pretty good day. My pinched nerve in my neck is still here causing me headaches and nauseous-ness. But eventually that will go away...


  1. What a great day for you Amy! It sounds like your bosses are all the same page, I hope that they get the CAD for your computer so that you can work from home if you need to.

    Moving back home is tough but like you said, it will be controlled to some extent. Any control that we can have in our life is great...I live with my mom, not crazy about it, but it is necessary. But, I do have some say as to what goes on, especially with my kids. Sometimes I have to remind my mom that I am a mother myself and that these are my kids and so I will make any decisions regarding them. I think that it is hard for her to see me as a grown up, I think she still sees me as a gangly teenager.

    It will be an adjustment but you will do is amazing how we adapt to life's changes.
    Sending hugs and kudos on your great review! Jenn :)

  2. We all just participate in our lives when it comes down to it. More freedom feels better, but sacrafice is always necessary. You've got some great stuff boiling. It'd be good to do what you can to relieve stress and be able to enjoy the goals you've achieved for a good long while. Moving in again will probably be good for you.


  3. Yay for a good review!! I am sure that it felt good to have the support of your boss. That means a lot!

  4. I'm so happy for you Amy! Having your employer's support and willingness to work with you through any illness is priceless. I'm also excited for all of the upcoming possibilities for you to be working with the other designer. Way to go!!

    It sounds like you've made the decision to live at home again. I know you are torn on that, but you seem to be at peace with your choice, and it does seem wise. Good luck, and take care.