Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wow what a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t even know where to begin about today! I had so much fun!!!!!!! My “friend” P picked me up and we went out on his wave runner this afternoon. I have never been on one before and let me tell you, I was a wee bit nervous at first! The thing is super fast and you are only holding on to the person in front of you (which BTW I didn’t mind at all). It was so freaking cool!

We put in down at Bristol and then headed to Philly. The Delaware looked good today, not as mucky as some days! It was an all around beautiful day!!! The sky was bright blue, the sun was warm but not scorching, and the water temp was decent. I was in heaven.

The first few minutes I had to get used to the speed. I was scared, I’ll admit it. But I trust P, a lot. I knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. Plus it was very rocky today with all the boats out and the wind. Hitting the waves though was awesome after I got used to the movement of the wave runner. It was almost like riding a horse. You just have to move your body with the flow of it. When it bounces you bounce, etc. I will say that I will have nicely worn out ass cheeks tomorrow morning! All that bouncing tore my ass up!! But that’s ok.

We met up with one of his buddies he works with. They were out in their boat just anchored off shore a little, drifting and relaxing. We tied up for about 30 minutes. P wanted to open up the runner so he dropped me on the boat fast and tore it up for a few minutes. You can’t do it with 2 people on it so I didn’t mind being dropped off. Plus I am a wuss and would probably be super scared!

We left them and headed up to “penetration” island (take a guess why it’s called that haha!!). It’s a nice place to stop though because of the sand and being able to just ride right up on the beach. We grounded the runner and swim for a little bit. The water was so nice and it felt great just being out there. We didn’t stay too long since we wanted to stop at one of the boat marinas restaurant and grab a quick bite.

We rode over to it only to find it way packed. Instead we headed up river some more to goof off. I didn’t mind. The sun felt great and it was less rocky so we could speed up a bit. Yes that’s right I was enjoying the speed!! Scaredy cat me liked it!!!!!

I can’t tell you how much fun we had! It was awesome. I haven’t had a great day like that in a very long time!!! My lungs felt awesome too. I brought my portable neb with me just in case but I didn’t need it. The bouncing loosened up some fun junk which was great. P said that was his goal, clear me out! Haha I told him it would take more than a few hours on a wave runner to get rid of all my shit in there!!! He laughed.

We passed by the mansion I want to get married at too...Penn Ryn. The place is spectacular! I visited it a few years ago for my architecture class and fell in love with it!!! Now since everyone knows (or didn't and knows now) I am a HUGE signs person. I believe in all that mumbo jumbo but hey I'm allowed! I was keeping my eyes straight ahead most of the time, only looking around a little, and never looking straight sideways to see what was on the shore line. I could see houses and all when we were coming up to them so I never needed to check them out when we flew past. Well the ONE time I do look over (and the first time on our ride down) and Penn Ryn is dead ahead of me. I almost shit a brick! It was the best sign, even if I think it may be a fruitless one. Penn Ryn is hidden by alot of trees so it's not like I saw it coming and then looked. Plus I completely forgot about it until I saw it. Then on the way back he said something about it. He was like "Penn Ryn is up here a bit, I can't believe I missed it on the way down". Which I in turn said that I had seen it on the way down and that I want to get married there someday.

All in all I will have to say that it was a perfect day! Then again anytime I hang out with him I have an amazing time. Guess that’s what happens when you fall for someone. :D



  1. Does Mr. Dan know you have a crushy wushy on him? You're being mighty detailed :) :p .

    Hope the tushy wushy gets better soon. Can't think the last time my gluteal area hurt like that.


  2. LOL Cory!

    Yes Mr. Dan knows I have a crushy wushy on him. He also knows it is more than a crush. It's a long somewhat complicated story :)

  3. Oh. OK. You're all single on Facebook.

  4. I'm disappointed you didn't make use of your time at "penetration island". ; ) It sounds like you've got a crush. Hehehehe.