Saturday, August 16, 2008

I have a degree!

I know, I graduated with my BS in December but it didn't hit me until yesterday. I finally framed my diploma. It looks great. Just a cheapie one from AC Moore, no matting, just basic frame. I wanted to put it up at work so I wanted it to be relatively small so it would fit on my desk under the shelving (I will take a picture someday). All week I have had it in my car debating on whether or not to bring it inside. I felt weird carrying a frame into work, though many people do have their degrees hung too. Well Friday I finally did it. It was our work picnic so I had a bag to carry in with me. I just put the frame in there. I re-arranged my desk to get it to fit and so it would be visible and not sitting behind my computer screen. It looks great! I was so pleased with it. I sat just staring at it for a few minutes relishing in the fact that I have a bachelor's degree. Me, who got my AA in 2001 and never thought she would actually ever finish. Me who has two thousand ideas a year of what to do with her life actually finished one!

It felt wonderful looking at my accomplishment, next to my computer and some hand drafting I have hanging. To see my hard work and sleepless nights really did pay off. I may not have made it to the ceremony (thanks to being hospitalized) but I was there in spirit. I walked down that aisle in my mind and took hold of that piece of paper that says I finished something. It's a magnificant feeling!!!!

Now to decide if I take the ID registration and LEED AP exams haha!!!!

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