Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm a day late and a dollar short...

...but oh well haha!!!

I was thinking yesterday morning, as I was showering for work, how much I love what I am doing at work right now. I have been doing A LOT of initial design work for new projects. This is what I love more than putting out construction document sets. I love the sketching and brainstorming that comes with new ideas. I love using an entire roll of trace just to come up with one or two awesome ideas. It is great to see what can develop from 4 hours worth of scribbling. Then once the ideas are agreed upon, I sit down and hand draft them into beautiful pieces of artwork. Seeing your finished project in a presentation is an amazing feeling. To know that you drew that up and made it look like that is the greatest feeling in the world. And then when people tell you it looks great you feel even better!!!

All that blissful thinking got me daydreaming about working for my dream company. The one that I can’t work at yet because my health is too shitty to put in all the overtime and deal with the hassle of the long commute to Philly everyday. It got me thinking about how much I do love my field and how stupid I would be to go back to school to try to do something totally unrelated. I didn’t even get a chance to do what I want to do with my degree. Which BTW I am getting a frame for this weekend so I can hang it up at work. But I digress.

I plan on staying at Barton until I can no longer work (I am hoping to get at least another 2 good years outta myself). Then I can decide on the whole transplant thing and IF I decide to go through with it I can then apply at my dream company and hopefully work there once I am transplanted and recovered.

Maybe I only love it right now because I was out for so long. I do remember weeks where I was ready to scream because I was so bored. But I have my annual review on Wednesday (keep your fingers crossed for a great raise!) and I plan on telling them that I would like to help more in the interior design of some of the jobs we have. We have another ID person who just graduated in May who does all the ID work that we get – which is not a lot mind you. But I think management forgets that my degree is also ID so they never grab me for help. But I would like to get some of that experience. We did do an ID job back in the winter and I loved it. Nothing major just schedules, and finish call outs, but it was still ID work nonetheless. And if I can start doing more of that, and I don’t decide on the tx then at least I won’t feel like I wasted my degree!!!!

That's all the ramblings for today. It's gorgeous outside and I need to design a new Habitat house :)

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