Saturday, August 30, 2008

So flipping frustrated!

WTF am I to do?

I am going on vacation in 2 weeks... to Disney world with a few of my friends. We have had this planned since December. My mom has known about it since then. She is ALWAYS the one that watches my dog for me when I go away or get hospitalized. So today for some reason I mentioned it and she told me she doesn't want to watch her! WTF? So I asked "should I just leave her home alone for a week?" and got no response.

She never had any issues watching her until her fucking boyfriend started bitching about her. She just turned 14 on Thursday. She is blind as a bat and she doesn't always make it to the door when she has to pee. But hello she is 14 years old!!!!!

She still wants me to put her down. Well fuck you! I would rather put YOU down you bitch. Can you tell I am beyond pissed? Maggie is the happiest dog I know. She is not lethargic, or sick, or anything except blind. That is no reason to put her down. If she had cancer or something like that then yeah I would, but she isn't suffering so fuck off. She is my child, my life. How would my mom feel if someone told her to put ME down? She wouldn't like it now would she?

UGH I am so angry I wanna scream!!!!!! NOW you all see why I had no desire to live there. I also commented that she got what she wanted and I'm not moving in with Maggie anymore to which she replied "well what does Eric think about Maggie moving in?" All snotty of course. I told her the truth, that he doesn't care, he likes her. So there eat that mom.

I need to drink tonight. If I turn into an alcoholic you will all know why. That woman does it to me!


  1. Oh boy Amy. That is not cool to tell you to put your dog down if she's not even sick. Yowsers, I'd be so upset over that too!!!

    Do you have a kennel where you can take her while you're on vacation? We take our dogs to one when my mom isn't available or we don't want to bother her *again* with ours. It always works out well in a kennel, just more expensive then leaving them with my mom of course.

    Shhhhh, don't tell Maggie your mom said that.

  2. Oooh. Now I see why you were so upset! NO ONE would tell me to put my cats down unless they're sick. Growing up, we had a blind dog. They learn and adjust, just like people. No one would want to put down Stevie Wonder, bitch, so no one should put down a dog just for being blind!

    I hope you find someone to take care of your baby!

  3. mothers can be very manipulative.
    My mom has appeared to me in the past to get some sick kick out of "having me over a barrel" so to speak. Anyhoo, wish I could help you out, I love dogs but m up in Boston. I hope it works out for you and Maggie. I'll keep my fingers crossed

  4. I wish I was near you... I'd watch her for you.. She'd get along great with my toy poodle.
    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this Amy. I hope things work out for you.

  5. Amy: I'm thanking you here for your help. Got the blog back up and running. You are so sweet to help me out.

  6. I too would be pissed. My doggie is treated like my children, in fact, they say that I treat her better than them! I am sorry that you are having so many troubles to get care for your little dog...I wish that I could help. I pray that something works out in the end. Hugs, Jenn

  7. Thanks guys!

    My roommate said she doesn't mind staying home to watch her - feed and let her out. I am going to see if my mom would be willing to pick her up after work at 10am and drop her back off on her way back in at 2pm. At least her BF won't be home to bitch about her. That way Maggie won't be alone pretty much until I get home. I just hate that no one will be here to play with her and cuddle with her. It is breaking my heart!!!


  8. We had a blind, diabetic basset hound (insulin twice a day), who sometimes couldn't make it to the door, but would go on the rug on the tile floor and my evil MIL was always telling us that he was suffering and we should just put him down. Grr! Fortunately, he LOVED, LOVED going to the kennel. They took him for walks, he got to visit with other dogs, they gave him treats...

    He was happy, loved, we saw no reason to "off" him just because it wasn't always convenient. He's probably better off with your roommate than with your mom and her boyfriend. Another option could be to have a pet nanny come check on him. We do that once or twice a day when we have an all day commitment -- holiday or family event...

    Hope you have a great trip. Liza aka ratatosk