Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today's happenings

Today was our Habitat charette. There were a fair amount of people that showed up which was nice! Some good plans and some ok plans. I liked my plan a lot until I realized I forgot a mechanical room and laundry area haha! Figures! But I can squeeze some things around and get it in. We decided to break into two teams since there were two distinct plan ideas. One set was side entry plans, the other was front entry. I am on the front entry team. We are going to get together again September 19th and do the same thing. Our teams each need to have a plan, four elevations and a site plan with the building on it. Not too bas especially since there are 5 people on a team. I am excited!!!

In other news…tomorrow is my review yay!!!! I can’t wait! I will definitely be updating tomorrow with what happens!

In more other news…S from work bought me a book! We were talking about it last week I think and I said I would try it. Well he brought it in yesterday for me and said he got it for me. How sweet!!! It is called the “Devil in the white city”. Its history and architecture related. I can’t wait to start reading it. He is so nice!!!!! I love working with him. I am so glad they are letting me again. There was a joke going around that I wasn’t allowed because every time I worked with him I ended up in the hospital! It was just coincidence I think haha! But he does a lot of the schematic design work which is what I love doing. All the fun drafting and rendering. Yeah sign me up!!!!

I don’t know if it is just me or if they are trying to hype me all up I just don’t know, but I feel like everyone at work is praising me more than usual. Well I know they are I just don’t know why. Now don’t get me wrong I am basking in the “Awesome job” and “excellent work” phrases that are being told to me. I just wonder why now? I have been doing the same work before. I don’t know, maybe I am just over thinking haha!

What else, let’s see….Oh I got my period on Monday and I have been super happy ever since!! Haha! Maybe it is PMDD????? And I called Planned Parenthood today to schedule my Mirena insertion and yeah they haven’t ordered it yet! WTF??? They have had 2 months and they didn’t order it yet??? It has to be put in when you have your period. So now I have to wait another month and most likely I will be in Disney so I will have to wait 2 more months. I just want it in!! Not like I am having major sex or anything but I want to get it in and get the smaller lighter periods starting haha!!

Thats all for tonight!


  1. Sounds exciting! Maybe the reason why everyone is giving you a pat on the back is because you are awesome at what you do! :) Can't wait to hear how your review went. Hugs, JEnn :)

  2. I'm really glad to hear things are going well at work. I love to read. I hope your new book is a good one. I'm anxious to hear about your review.