Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Will I Ever?

When I look into my past
I see the carefree girl in me
When I look into my future
I see the woman I want to be

Ask me how I’ll get there
And I’ll answer I’m not too sure
Ask me when I’ll get there
And I’ll answer when there’s a cure

So much has happened in my past
That shaped who I am today
But it scares me to death to think
That I will always be this way

Too afraid to open up completely
Too scared to be alone
Unsure of where my heart should be
Not willing to throw him a bone

Someday it will all change
That’s what everyone says to me
But I have yet to see this happen
Someone please set me free

All I want is to be happy
All I want is to be in love
But how can I get those great things
With these feelings I can’t get rid of

They infect me like a virus
Feasting on my emotions to the core
Destroying everything in their path
Not letting me live anymore


  1. Amy, all your poems are beautiful, but this one really resonated with me. You're a fantastic author, although I'm sure you've heard it before :)

    Thanks so much for sharing. Totally made my night.

  2. Thank Piper!!!

    This one acctually won a poetry award!!!! I was's my favorite one too :)