Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CF blog award :)

Well I was tagged and awarded this honor by Piper !!!!  She was nominated by Heidi who was nominated by Christy....

I am so happy she chose me and 4 other bloggers (2 of which I am going to repeat haha!).  

here are the rules:

1. post the award on your blog
2. link me for giving it to you
3. link the originating post nominating you
4. pass the award on to 5 more people
5. post the rules

LISA: She has always offered me great support and advice.  Plus hearing her side of life as that of a CFer's wife is great!  (oh snap I rhymed!).  Her hubby is lucky to have her!

TINA: She has stood by her hubby as he declined, was listed and now is post-tx!  An amazing wife!

BREE:  she makes me laugh with her truthful stories that describe every annoyance and piece of life to the T!  Come on new lungs for Bree!!!

RHI: cause well she is Rhi!!!!  LOL we are very similar and reading her posts are like reading my own!

PIPER: same reasons as Rhi!!!!!  We share similar cystic feelings :)

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