Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well I knew something was brewing down there and now I am running low grade fevers.  Just above 99.  But I am usually 97 so for me it is a fever.  I am going to watch it the next few days and see how it plays out.  I go to my DR on the 14th so hopefully I can hold out until then...I KNEW IT.

And of course I have been researching colon cancer since it is genetic in my family and I am showing some symptoms (bleeding and change in bowel movements - MONTHS now).  So my family has times!  It is genetic, my dad's family has had 3 generations in a row with it.  It it not a matter of IF I will get it but WHEN.

Yes I will be adding this to the list of things to talk to my doctor about.  But like Q and I joked - If I ignore it then it will go away :)


  1. Yikes well I hope you can catch whatever is going on early. Sounds like your made out of all kinds of cool genes ;)

    I try to ignore that stuff too, how come it can't ignore me??

    Anyway hope you feel better!

  2. You have a special role of encouraging people who suffer with similar diseases. I hope you feel better for the New Year's Eve festivities.

  3. That's scary Amy. I have had some bleeding too, but think it's just from the blood thinners I'm on. I haven't mentioned mine to the docs either, but I think I will this week. I didn't know colon cancer was so genetic!! You always think of breast and ovarian cancer being genetic, but not the others.

    Unfortunately, denial never made my CF go away.. it probably doesn't work for cancer either.. Ughh!!

  4. You know, sometimes I feel like our family is drowning in the crappy gene pool we inherited. What was with our ancestors?! Ugh!

    I hope you can kick this infection soon.


  5. I would totally ignore that shit, it's the only way to deal with this health crap!

    Seriously, I hope this is not what you think it is - for once maybe a CF complication might be the better choice (how is that possible?!).