Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mouthpieceless Neb cup

See how it works now?????

Any way....I think I realized why Maggie keeps whining.  Must be mating season she wants to hump my leg!!!!


  1. OK.. you have no make-up on and you are still stunningly gorgeous... even doing a neb. I'll just say it's a CF thing and leave it at that.. haha.
    Wow.. sorry to hear about Maggie's ummm.. problem. It's why I got my dog neutered. He is SO much easier to deal with now. :)

  2. Awe schucks thanks Christy :)

    Yeah vet appt tomorrow I may have to look into it....

  3. I agree with Christy :)

  4. ah your so creative ;) I dont think I have ever done a mouthless neb treatment lol.

  5. I was picturing you trying this without even the T part lmao!! All hunched over the top of your neb and stuff. Anyway, I am truly impressed, but I think it would make my jaw hurt. Good luck with "Humpy McHumperson."

  6. You could be a neb model - a guide on "The McGyver Method", with apologie to Piper.

    I never had a dog, all cats. I was never in tune with their heat periods. All I remember is Spot howling at 5am sharp, repeatedly, and in a low voice (feline baritone?). I've never been humped.

    *runs out of things to say and leaves thread awkwardly*

  7. pure class.

    Almost as classy as eating part of a spatula.

    and you're gorgeous when you neb.

    You bitch.

  8. one sexy nebber. i know one when i see one.

  9. Very cool!! Sorry about your pup..... :)