Sunday, December 14, 2008

Repeat of Friday...WTF?

Yep just as the title says, today was a repeat of friday.  I did my TOBI this morning and lo and behold I sat on the floor at the twins birthday party because it was the most comfortable for me and I was able to stretch my body out a bit to let more air in.  

Fuck it I am DONE with TOBI!  Let my lungs turn to total shit I don't care.  It can't be any worse than it feels now.  Ok I lie I am sure it can feel worse but God almighty at least I won't be doing it to myself.  

I will call my clinic tomorrow and tell them I am done with it and we need to find a better way to combat PA.  I can't deal with it anymore.



  1. I had to quit TOBI in January. It made my PFTs plummet every time I had a round. Ask your doctor about off label use for Aztreonam IV, Ceftaz IV and/or Merropenum IV. All three work wonders for me and keep me off IVs. If they want to cal my doctor, let me know!

  2. Ugh! Sorry you are being attacked by your medicine. I hope there are some alternatives for you.


  3. Grrrrr.. I hated TOBI! Glad there are some other abx out there to try.

  4. So sorry. I don't like Tobi either.