Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not a whole lot to update on...

I have a whole lot packed into one tiny blog! 

First off….today was a bit of a disappointment.  Well actually yesterday was.  Tomorrow is the deadline to apply to take the NCIDQ exam in April.  I started the application process the week of Thanksgiving because I didn’t realize the deadline was so close.  So it is partly my fault.  OK OK I will take full blame!  Anywho…I needed to have all of my official transcripts, 3 letters of reference and all past employers signatures stating what I did and how many hours I worked.  The ones I was unsure of getting back in time I received almost immediately.  Fabulous!!!  Then of course as of today I am missing my last 2 transcripts.  So I can’t have them mailed out and in the hands of the NCIDQ people by tomorrow at 5pm.  

The good news is now I have an extra 6 months to study.  Bad news is I have an extra 6 months to study.  I get going on things and when my momentum gets interrupted I am screwed.  So hopefully I can keep up the super-excited-can’t-wait-to-be-registered mode I am in now. 

Second thingy…I found a way to help with my antsy-ness.  Thanks to my bestest buddy Rhi!!!!!  I emailed someone at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania about volunteering on Wednesdays.  I think it will be a boatload of fun and I can’t wait!!  I love history and I feel like I need something to make me more whole so hopefully this will do the trick. 

Here is a picture of my pulse-ox after getting into bed.  I swear its all I did!!!!


  1. Hi Amy,

    Do you trust your pulse ox? I have a little hand held one too (looks kind of like yours) and I have a hard time figuring out if it's accurate all the time or not.

    Is it possible yours is off a little? Hmmm. :)

    I hope you keep the spunk up with getting registered.

  2. I do trust it. I have checked my gadget right after being checked at the drs and it is right on. I do it every time I go to make sure it is still working properly. Not saying that it couldn't be off. But I can feel my heart beating super fast which is one of the reasons I check it when I do :)

    Thanks!!!! I think once the spring weather gets here I will be even more excited and get to studying!!!!!

  3. Dang girl, did you jump into the bed?!

    I hope you can stay motivated to study. Six months is a long time to wait.


  4. YAY!!!

    Also, although your heart rate was pretty high, your o2 was still 93% which I think is damn good - your poor little heart is working its ass off, but it's doing a good job of keeping that o2 circulating. (I know 93 isn't perfect, but hey, it's not 80s either.)