Friday, December 19, 2008

Study update and some other crap

I heard from the study coordinator today.  Seems I am a decent candidate for the study however, I am on 4 abx daily and that is an issue.  We might have to stop some of them.  My appointment with my Dr is on January 14th so she is going to meet with me that day too.  She also said she will be sure to talk to  my Dr before then.  She hasn’t had time to catch him with the holiday and all lately.  

I am all excited to do the study but I am not sure if I will.  If I have to stop all 4 abx I am out.  I am too scared to do that.  I can deal with stopping Keflex and oral Cipro but I want to stay on my Bactrim and Zithro.  I have already decided on my own to stop TOBI so that will not be an issue.  Of course Dr H doesn’t know that yet but haha!!! 

It especially worries me since I only feel about 95% of my normal self.  I feel a little more tight and all but I can’t figure out if it is still the after effects of the TOBI or if it is an exacerbation brewing inside.  I am holding off on calling since I don’t have any extra sputum and the color is the same.  

I also made an appointment today to go see the dermatologist on the 7th.  My face is outta control!  The pimples are multiplying daily and they don’t have heads so I can’t pop them!!  Just annoying painful pimples.  So I am hoping she will be able to give me some miracle cream that will make my face look like a models again! 

I was also going to blog about my wonderful mood **inserts sarcasm here** but I don’t feel like bringing the world down too.  So for now I will leave you all with my Dr appointment / study updates and say have a fabulous evening!!


  1. I'd be scared to stop those abx too, but I do hope you get to do the study.

    One of my good friends just got some really good stuff from the dermatologist for her face. I hope you find something that works. I wonder why the abx you are on don't help with that. I was on doxycycline when I was a teenager, and it was the best thing for my face.

    I hope you have a great Christmas. I totally understand about the MOOD thing. On this prednisone, it's like I'm PMSing everyday. My family is so ready for me to go down to 5 mg. I'm so irritable!! Grrr..

  2. I hope the dr can help you with your skin, hun. I know how much that sucks. About the study, it would worry me to stop meds, too. Let me know what you decide to do.

    Love, Stalky McStalkerson

  3. Would you like some snow? Would that cheer you up? We have plenty to spare...!

  4. Oh crap ! I need to make a derm appt., too! I'm all rashy on my face and sternum.

    Thanks for the reminder. See you in chat tonight?