Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crappy day thus far

and its only 6:30 am!!!!!!!

It can only get better though right????

Maggie woke me up 4 times last night!!!!  And she hasn't stopped whining!!!  She ate, she went out and pooped and peed.  I can't freaking figure it out!!!!  She is laying on my lap whining...curled up nonetheless.  I am gonna kill her!

I go to do my nebs this morning and the dam thing isn't pushing air out.  I change the filter...nothing.  I change the tubing nothing....I change the neb cup and voila!  Bad neb cup!!!  Must be worn out.  All mine are drying so I am using an older one with no mouthpiece and my mouth hurts now.

And I have a headache...again.

Ok thats it.  My bitchfest for the morning haha!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yuck. How did you manage to neb without a mouthpiece? I'm picturing you being all Macgyver about it ;)

    Hope your day gets better and your puppy stops being sad. I think once I move into my new 2 bedroom you and Maggie should come visit Sammy and me!

  2. I seriously want to know how you neb without a mouthpiece, too. That's rather amazing. Sorry your day has sucked so far. I hope it improves.

    I hope Maggie feels better, too!

  3. aww I hope yours and Maggie's day gets better!!

  4. I had to give my daughter a neb without a mouthpiece one time.. it's nearly impossible!
    I do hope your day has gotten better. I wonder what could be wrong with Maggie???? Give us an update!

  5. I can't believe so many people are wondering how you nebbed without a mouthpiece - I mean, do they not know you at ALL?!

    psst, everyone, Amy's good with her mouth! :P

    Love ya!!

  6. LMAO my day did get better and since no one can see how I neebed without a mouthpiece I will take a picture and post it!!!!!!!!

    Piper I am SO taking you up on that offer!!! You tell me when and Maggie and I will be there!!!! Sammy and Maggie can "date"...does he mind blind women? ;)

  7. Yay! Sammy has a total thing for older women (hey, he loves me, right? And I'm like 189 in dog years). I think he and Maggie will be in love from the start.

    As for the mouthpiece issue, agree that you must be good with your mouth. Although after posting I realized that you use the old school "t" nebs, so it wouldn't be AS hard. I was picturing a Pari and wondering how in the hell you would even breathe OUT.

  8. LOL Piper!!!!!
    Nope no Pari here....but that would be funny!!! I use the old school ones once in while :) like when a pari dies and I need a cup asap and don't have a mouthpiece!!! :)